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Tekstboks: Morten Graves Petersen
Managing director

Tekstboks: Introduction

Tekstboks: MGP Ixitec was founded in 2004 by Mr. Morten Graves Petersen.
The company is supplying outstanding executive management resources to our international customers in the interim perspective.
We undertake to setup and deliver the required management resources to achieve successful step changes of our customers business. Our initial focus are negotiation and execution of investment projects, planning and execution of turn around, business process reengineering etc.
Our business is based on the personal qualifications and experiences brought into the company by our employees and further enhanced and developed through networking and on the job training.
The company headquarter is located in the beautiful city of Hilleroed at Skovhegnet in the northern part of Zealand in Denmark.
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Target date for release is mid June 2004.

Company founder

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